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Bettie Pain Polish
Australian 5-Free Vegan/CF Nail Polish

Hi and welcome to Bettie Pain Polish.
My name is Megan and I’m a local girl living on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland Australia. I grew up in the country, but moved to the coastline. As a kid I always wanted my nails painted. My favourites were bright royal blue and magenta. I was completely OCD about them, and if I bumped one nail, I would take the polish off all my nails and start again till it was perfect.

In my mid 20’s, I discovered there was so much more you could do with your nails than just a slick of polish. So I started experimenting with stamping, studs and gradients. And now, I appreciate the art of a good clean up brush to make your nails look chic and perfect! I started documenting my process through my nail art page on Instagram (@snowglobenails) and my page grew.
I then came across indie polish. I couldn’t believe you could actually make your own polish! I researched the process for ages, then through trial and error, created a product I was proud of.
Since then, I believe my product has greatly improved, and I still get excited about making new shades. I get random moments of inspiration from pop culture, nature and art, and am usually writing down ideas to experiment with later on. And let me tell you, a lot of the time something looks better in your head than what you create! It’s very much a test of patience, but always worth it in the end! I cannot wait to grow my business even more and have others experience the same joy I get from my own passion of creating stunning polishes!

Who is Bettie Pain?
I’ve always been fascinated with the glamorous pin up stars of the 1950’s! But in particular, Bettie Page. There was something about her personality that always stood out to me. She was so carefree and strong, not to mention, absolutely stunning! When it came to picking a name for my polish line, I wanted something that honoured her spirit, but with a bit of an edge. I always joked that if I ever joined my local roller derby team, my derby name would be Bettie Pain. So, the name stuck!

All of my polishes are "5-free".  Which means my polishes are free from the 5 chemicals Toluene, Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP), Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin and Camphor. These particular chemicals have recently found to be harmful, so it’s better to make sure the polish you use is at least 5 free. As well as this, I make sure all of my ingredients come from reputable, trustworthy distributors. I buy only cruelty free and vegan ingredients, making my product as a whole, completely cruelty free, which is a very important thing for me.

Each polish is personally made by me. Every batch, I test on my own nails over a certain period of time and also send samples to trustworthy nail artists to test and review. I welcome all feedback and suggestions.
I’m passionate about making polishes of all sorts. From shimmers to cremes, textures to glitters, holographic to thermal and everything in between. I aim to make shades that suit everyone’s style, not just my own. Admittedly, sometimes that is difficult!

I usually release polishes in sets, dedicated to something that I love. Collections in the past include: Dark Forest, Science Fiction, David Bowie and the Cat Lady collection. I also release singular polishes along the way, announcing them on social media.
I can also make custom made polishes as well, so be sure to contact me if you’d like a small batch of polishes for yourself, or even a special event. They are always ideal for bridal parties, baby showers or other celebrations!

How is polish made?
 It may sound simple, but the process is time consuming. You can buy a clear bulk lacquer from a manufacturer, but you need to choose the right type that will suspend the ingredients properly. Different bases are to be used for different materials. You actually can’t use any clear polish you buy from the chemist and add things to it. I keep getting asked if I just use clear polish and eyeshadow. Noooooo, it’s much more technical than this. There are materials available to use, such as tints, pigments, glitters, flakies and shimmers. But you need to add the perfect amount depending on the finish you are after. It can’t be too sheer otherwise it may just be runny. It can’t be too thick otherwise it will be gluggy. Sometimes one ingredient may overshadow the other beauties you put in there. Practice makes perfect! But I will never reveal my secrets or recipes, sorry. I learnt a lot along the way of making my products and sometimes you need to make some errors to find out what works the best and why.

What are the ingredients?
Polish is a mix of an untinted base plus pigments, glitters and other materials.
The base ingredients will include:
The added ingredients are from reputable manufacturers from within Australia and the US that are cruelty free and vegan. 
You can rest assured that everything in my polishes are absolutely safe for use.

Can I swatch your polish?
Thank you for the interest, but I usually pick swatchers ahead of time to review my products. And I have some favourites I will continue to use. If I am ever after someone new, I’ll usually announce it on social media or contact swatchers directly.
Sorry, I don’t offer free samples. If I did that for every time someone asked, I wouldn’t have a business!

Where can I buy Bettie Pain Polish?
At the moment, my polishes are available in Australia on Big Cartel and now Bettie Pain Polish. Unfortunately shipping laws in Australia are quite strict and polishes are considered dangerous goods, meaning I am unable to ship individual orders. So I have arranged to have bulk orders sent through a dangerous good supplier to US stockist Shiro Cosmetics. I have several other stockists lined up in the near future as well, nationally and internationally, so watch this space.